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package gceutil

import "go4.org/cloud/google/gceutil"

Package gceutil provides utility functions to help with instances on Google Compute Engine.


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func CoreOSImageURL Uses

func CoreOSImageURL(cl *http.Client) (string, error)

CoreOSImageURL returns the URL of the latest stable CoreOS image for running on Google Compute Engine.

func InstanceGroups Uses

func InstanceGroups(svc *compute.Service, proj, zone string) (map[string]InstanceGroupAndManager, error)

InstanceGroups returns all the instance groups in a project's zone, along with their associated InstanceGroupManagers. The returned map is keyed by the instance group identifier URL.

type InstanceGroupAndManager Uses

type InstanceGroupAndManager struct {
    Group *compute.InstanceGroup

    // Manager is the manager of the Group. It may be nil.
    Manager *compute.InstanceGroupManager

InstanceGroupAndManager contains both an InstanceGroup and its InstanceGroupManager, if any.

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