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package gcsutil

import "go4.org/cloud/google/gcsutil"

Package gcsutil provides tools for accessing Google Cloud Storage until they can be completely replaced by cloud.google.com/go/storage.


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var ErrInvalidRange = errors.New("gcsutil: requested range not satisfiable")

ErrInvalidRange is used when the server has returned http.StatusRequestedRangeNotSatisfiable.

func EnumerateObjects Uses

func EnumerateObjects(ctx context.Context, bucket, after string, limit int) ([]*storage.ObjectAttrs, error)

EnumerateObjects lists the objects in a bucket. This function relies on the ctx oauth2.HTTPClient value being set to an OAuth2 authorized and authenticated HTTP client. If after is non-empty, listing will begin with lexically greater object names. If limit is non-zero, the length of the list will be limited to that number.

func GetPartialObject Uses

func GetPartialObject(ctx context.Context, obj Object, offset, length int64) (io.ReadCloser, error)

GetPartialObject fetches part of a Google Cloud Storage object. This function relies on the ctx ctxutil.HTTPClient value being set to an OAuth2 authorized and authenticated HTTP client. If length is negative, the rest of the object is returned. It returns ErrInvalidRange if the server replies with http.StatusRequestedRangeNotSatisfiable. The caller must call Close on the returned value.

type Object Uses

type Object struct {
    Bucket string
    Key    string

An Object holds the name of an object (its bucket and key) within Google Cloud Storage.

func (*Object) String Uses

func (o *Object) String() string

type SizedObject Uses

type SizedObject struct {
    Size int64

A SizedObject holds the bucket, key, and size of an object.

func (SizedObject) String Uses

func (so SizedObject) String() string

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