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package goakit

import ""


Package Files

encode_decode_files.go generate.go mount_files.go

func EncodeDecodeFiles Uses

func EncodeDecodeFiles(genpkg string, root *expr.RootExpr) []*codegen.File

EncodeDecodeFiles produces a set of go-kit transport encoders and decoders that wrap the corresponding generated goa functions.

func Generate Uses

func Generate(genpkg string, roots []eval.Root, files []*codegen.File) ([]*codegen.File, error)

Generate generates go-kit specific decoders and encoders.

func Goakitify Uses

func Goakitify(genpkg string, roots []eval.Root, files []*codegen.File) ([]*codegen.File, error)

Goakitify modifies all the previously generated files by adding go-kit imports and replacing the following instances * "goa.Endpoint" with "".Endpoint * "log.Logger" with "".Logger and adding the corresponding imports.

func GoakitifyExample Uses

func GoakitifyExample(genpkg string, roots []eval.Root, files []*codegen.File) ([]*codegen.File, error)

GoakitifyExample modifies all the previously generated example files by adding go-kit imports.

func MountFiles Uses

func MountFiles(root *expr.RootExpr) []*codegen.File

MountFiles produces the files containing the HTTP handler mount functions that configure the mux to serve the requests.

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