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package hs200

import "gobot.io/x/gobot/platforms/holystone/hs200"

Package hs200 is the Gobot driver for the Holystone HS200 drone.


Package Files

doc.go hs200_driver.go

type Driver Uses

type Driver struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Driver represents the control information for the hs200 drone

func NewDriver Uses

func NewDriver(tcpaddress string, udpaddress string) *Driver

NewDriver creates a driver for the HolyStone hs200

func (*Driver) Connection Uses

func (d *Driver) Connection() gobot.Connection

Connection returns the Connection of the device.

func (Driver) Disable Uses

func (d Driver) Disable()

Disable disables the drone from flying.

func (Driver) Enable Uses

func (d Driver) Enable()

Enable enables the drone to start flying.

func (*Driver) Forward Uses

func (d *Driver) Forward(speed float32)

Forward sends the drone forward (or backwards if speed is negative, pitch the drone)

func (*Driver) Halt Uses

func (d *Driver) Halt() (err error)

Halt stops the driver.

func (Driver) Land Uses

func (d Driver) Land()

Land tells drone to come in for landing.

func (*Driver) Name Uses

func (d *Driver) Name() string

Name returns the name of the device.

func (*Driver) Right Uses

func (d *Driver) Right(speed float32)

Right moves the drone to the right (or left if speed is negative, rolls the drone)

func (*Driver) Rotate Uses

func (d *Driver) Rotate(speed float32)

Rotate rotates the drone (yaw)

func (*Driver) SetName Uses

func (d *Driver) SetName(n string)

SetName sets the name of the device.

func (*Driver) Start Uses

func (d *Driver) Start() (err error)

Start starts the driver.

func (Driver) TakeOff Uses

func (d Driver) TakeOff()

TakeOff tells drones to liftoff and start flying.

func (*Driver) Throttle Uses

func (d *Driver) Throttle(speed float32)

Throttle sends the drone up from a hover (or down if speed is negative)

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