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package aws

import "gocloud.dev/aws"

Package aws provides fundamental Wire providers for Amazon Web Services (AWS).


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var DefaultSession = wire.NewSet(
    wire.Bind(new(client.ConfigProvider), new(*session.Session)),

DefaultSession is a Wire provider set that provides a *session.Session using the default options.

func ConfigCredentials Uses

func ConfigCredentials(cfg *aws.Config) *credentials.Credentials

ConfigCredentials returns cfg.Credentials.

func ConfigFromURLParams Uses

func ConfigFromURLParams(q url.Values) (*aws.Config, error)

ConfigFromURLParams returns an aws.Config initialized based on the URL parameters in q. It is intended to be used by URLOpeners for AWS services. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/sdk-for-go/api/aws/#Config

It returns an error if q contains any unknown query parameters; callers should remove any query parameters they know about from q before calling ConfigFromURLParams.

The following query options are supported:

- region: The AWS region for requests; sets aws.Config.Region.
- endpoint: The endpoint URL (hostname only or fully qualified URI); sets aws.Config.Endpoint.
- disableSSL: A value of "true" disables SSL when sending requests; sets aws.Config.DisableSSL.
- s3ForcePathStyle: A value of "true" forces the request to use path-style addressing; sets aws.Config.S3ForcePathStyle.

func NewDefaultSession Uses

func NewDefaultSession() (*session.Session, error)

NewDefaultSession returns a *session.Session using the default options.

func SessionConfig Uses

func SessionConfig(sess *session.Session) *aws.Config

SessionConfig returns sess.Config.

type ConfigOverrider Uses

type ConfigOverrider struct {
    Base    client.ConfigProvider
    Configs []*aws.Config

ConfigOverrider implements client.ConfigProvider by overlaying a list of configurations over a base configuration provider.

func (ConfigOverrider) ClientConfig Uses

func (co ConfigOverrider) ClientConfig(serviceName string, cfgs ...*aws.Config) client.Config

ClientConfig calls the base provider's ClientConfig method with co.Configs followed by the arguments given to ClientConfig.


awscloudPackage awscloud contains Wire providers for AWS services.
rdsPackage rds contains Wire providers that are common across RDS.

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