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package rds

import "gocloud.dev/aws/rds"

Package rds contains Wire providers that are common across RDS.


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var CertFetcherSet = wire.NewSet(
    wire.Struct(new(CertFetcher), "Client"),
    wire.Bind(new(CertPoolProvider), new(*CertFetcher)),

CertFetcherSet is a Wire provider set that provides the RDS certificate pool by pulling from Amazon's servers.

type CertFetcher Uses

type CertFetcher struct {
    // Client is the HTTP client used to make requests. If nil, then
    // http.DefaultClient is used.
    Client *http.Client

CertFetcher pulls the RDS CA certificates from Amazon's servers. The zero value will fetch certificates using the default HTTP client.

func (*CertFetcher) Fetch Uses

func (cf *CertFetcher) Fetch(ctx context.Context) ([]*x509.Certificate, error)

Fetch fetches the RDS CA certificates. It is safe to call from multiple goroutines.

func (*CertFetcher) RDSCertPool Uses

func (cf *CertFetcher) RDSCertPool(ctx context.Context) (*x509.CertPool, error)

RDSCertPool fetches the RDS CA certificates and places them into a pool. It is safe to call from multiple goroutines.

type CertPoolProvider Uses

type CertPoolProvider interface {
    RDSCertPool(context.Context) (*x509.CertPool, error)

A CertPoolProvider obtains a certificate pool that contains the RDS CA certificate.

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