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package gcp

import "gocloud.dev/gcp"

Package gcp provides fundamental Wire providers and types for Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


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var DefaultIdentity = wire.NewSet(

DefaultIdentity is a Wire provider set that provides the project ID and token source from Application Default Credentials (ADC).

func DefaultCredentials Uses

func DefaultCredentials(ctx context.Context) (*google.Credentials, error)

DefaultCredentials obtains the default GCP credentials with Cloud Platform scope.

func DefaultTransport Uses

func DefaultTransport() http.RoundTripper

DefaultTransport returns http.DefaultTransport.

type HTTPClient Uses

type HTTPClient struct {

HTTPClient is an HTTP client that makes requests authenticated with Cloud- Platform-scoped authentication tokens.

func NewHTTPClient Uses

func NewHTTPClient(transport http.RoundTripper, ts TokenSource) (*HTTPClient, error)

NewHTTPClient creates a new authenticated HTTP client.

type ProjectID Uses

type ProjectID string

ProjectID is a GCP Project ID.

func DefaultProjectID Uses

func DefaultProjectID(creds *google.Credentials) (ProjectID, error)

DefaultProjectID obtains the project ID from the default GCP credentials.

type TokenSource Uses

type TokenSource oauth2.TokenSource

TokenSource wraps a GCP token source that provides Cloud-Platform- scoped tokens.

func CredentialsTokenSource Uses

func CredentialsTokenSource(creds *google.Credentials) TokenSource

CredentialsTokenSource extracts the token source from GCP credentials.


cloudsqlPackage cloudsql contains Wire providers that are common across Google Cloud SQL.
gcpcloudPackage gcpcloud contains Wire providers for GCP services.

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