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package octest

import "gocloud.dev/internal/testing/octest"

Package octest supports testing of OpenCensus integrations.


Package Files

diff.go exporter.go

func Diff Uses

func Diff(gotSpans []*trace.SpanData, gotRows []*view.Row, namePrefix, provider string, want []Call) string

Diff compares the list of spans and metric counts obtained from OpenCensus instrumentation (using the TestExporter in this package, or similar) with an expected list of calls. Only the name and code are compared. Order matters for traces (though not for metrics).

type Call Uses

type Call struct {
    Method string
    Code   gcerrors.ErrorCode

Call holds the expected contents of a measured call. It is used for both metric and trace comparison.

type TestExporter Uses

type TestExporter struct {
    Stats chan *view.Data
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

TestExporter is an exporter of OpenCensus traces and metrics, for testing. It should be created with NewTestExporter.

func NewTestExporter Uses

func NewTestExporter(views []*view.View) *TestExporter

NewTestExporter creates a TestExporter and registers it with OpenCensus.

func (*TestExporter) Counts Uses

func (te *TestExporter) Counts() []*view.Row

Counts returns the first exported data that includes aggregated counts.

func (*TestExporter) ExportSpan Uses

func (te *TestExporter) ExportSpan(s *trace.SpanData)

ExportSpan "exports" a span by remembering it.

func (*TestExporter) ExportView Uses

func (te *TestExporter) ExportView(vd *view.Data)

ExportView exports a view by writing it to the Stats channel.

func (*TestExporter) Spans Uses

func (te *TestExporter) Spans() []*trace.SpanData

func (*TestExporter) Unregister Uses

func (te *TestExporter) Unregister()

Unregister unregisters the exporter from OpenCensus.

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