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package driver

import "gocloud.dev/server/driver"

Package driver defines an interface for custom HTTP listeners. Application code should use package server.


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type Server Uses

type Server interface {
    // ListenAndServe listens on the TCP network address addr and then
    // calls Serve with handler to handle requests on incoming connections.
    // The addr argument will be a non-empty string specifying "host:port".
    // The http.Handler will always be non-nil.
    // Drivers must block until serving is done (or
    // return an error if serving can't occur for some reason), serve
    // requests to the given http.Handler, and be interruptable by Shutdown.
    // Drivers should use the given address if they serve using TCP directly.
    ListenAndServe(addr string, h http.Handler) error

    // Shutdown gracefully shuts down the server without interrupting
    // any active connections. If the provided context expires before
    // the shutdown is complete, Shutdown returns the context's error,
    // otherwise it returns any error returned from closing the Server's
    // underlying Listener(s).
    Shutdown(ctx context.Context) error

Server dispatches requests to an http.Handler.

type TLSServer Uses

type TLSServer interface {
    // ListenAndServeTLS is similar to Server.ListenAndServe, but should
    // serve using TLS.
    // See http://go/godoc/net/http/#Server.ListenAndServeTLS.
    ListenAndServeTLS(addr, certFile, keyFile string, h http.Handler) error

TLSServer is an optional interface for Server drivers, that adds support for serving TLS.

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