buildletThe buildlet is an HTTP server that untars content to disk and runs commands it has untarred, streaming their output back over HTTP.
buildlet/stage0The stage0 command looks up the buildlet's URL from its environment (GCE metadata service, scaleway, etc), downloads it, and runs it.
buildstatsThe buildstats command syncs build logs from Datastore to Bigquery.
clCL prints a list of open Go code reviews (also known as change lists, or CLs).
coordinatorThe coordinator runs the majority of the Go build system.
coordinator/metricsPackage metrics enumerates the set of Stackdriver metrics used by the Go build system.
coordinator/spanlogPackage spanlog provides span and event logger interfaces that are used by the build coordinator infrastructure.
debugnewvmThe debugnewvm command creates and destroys a VM-based GCE buildlet with lots of logging for debugging.
docker2bootThe docker2boot command converts a Docker image into a bootable GCE VM image.
fetchlogsFetchlogs downloads build failure logs from the Go dashboard so they can be accessed and searched from the local file system.
genbootstrapThe genbootstrap command prepares GO_BOOTSTRAP tarballs suitable for use on builders.
gerritbotThe gerritbot binary converts GitHub Pull Requests to Gerrit Changes, updating the PR and Gerrit Change as appropriate.
gitmirrorThe gitmirror binary watches the specified Gerrit repositories for new commits and reports them to the build dashboard.
gomoteThe gomote command is a client for the Go builder infrastructure.
gopherbotThe gopherbot command runs Go's gopherbot role account on GitHub and Gerrit.
makemacThe makemac command starts OS X VMs for the builders.
perfrunperfrun interacts with the buildlet coordinator to run the go1 benchmarks on a buildlet slave for the most recent successful commits according to the build dashboard.
pubsubhelperThe pubsubhelper is an SMTP server for Gerrit updates and an HTTP server for Github webhook updates.
pubsubhelper/pubsubtypesPackage pubsubtypes contains types published by pubsubhelper.
racebuildracebuild builds the race runtime (syso files) on all supported OSes using gomote.
releaseCommand release builds a Go release.
releasebotReleasebot manages the process of defining, packaging, and publishing Go releases.
relnoteThe relnote command summarizes the Go changes in Gerrit marked with RELNOTE annotations for the release notes.
retrybuildsThe retrybuilds command clears build failures from the dashboard to force them to be rebuilt.
rmplaysnippetThe rmplaysnippet binary removes a code snippet from given its URL or ID.
rundockerbuildletThe rundockerbuildlet command loops forever and creates and cleans up Docker containers running reverse buildlets.
scalewayThe scaleway command creates ARM servers on
tipCommand tip is the server, serving the latest HEAD straight from the Git oven.
updatecontribThe updateac command updates the CONTRIBUTORS file in the Go repository.
uploadThe upload command writes a file to Google Cloud Storage.

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