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Command builder

The builder binary is the old continuous build client for the Go project. It is still used by a few builders, but most builders have been migrated to our newer build & test infrastructure.

This command is intended to run continuously as a background process. It periodically pulls updates from the Go git repository and requests work to do from the Go Dashboard AppEngine application running at

When a new commit to test is found, the Go Builder creates a clone of the repository, runs all.bash, and reports build success or failure to the Go Dashboard.


$ builder goos-goarch...

Several goos-goarch combinations can be provided, and the builder will
build them in serial.

Optional flags:

-dashboard="": Go Dashboard Host
  The location of the Go Dashboard application to which Go Builder will
  report its results.

-rev=N: Build revision N and exit

-cmd="./all.bash": Build command (specify absolute or relative to go/src)
  This flag is overridden in the following conditions:

  - If the build key ends in -race, then race.bash or race.bat will be chosen.
  - If the build key begins with nacl, then nacltest.bash will be chosen.

-v: Verbose logging

The key file should be located at $HOME/.gobuildkey or, for a builder-specific key, $HOME/.gobuildkey-$BUILDER (eg, $HOME/.gobuildkey-linux-amd64).

The build key file is a text file of the format:


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