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package metrics

import ""

Package metrics enumerates the set of Stackdriver metrics used by the Go build system.


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var Metrics = []*Metric{

Metrics is the set of all Stackdriver metrics being used to monitor the Go build system.

var ReverseCount = &Metric{
    Name: "reverse/count",
    Descriptor: &metpb.MetricDescriptor{
        Type: "",
        Labels: []*label.LabelDescriptor{
                Key:       "hosttype",
                ValueType: label.LabelDescriptor_STRING,
        MetricKind: metpb.MetricDescriptor_GAUGE,
        ValueType:  metpb.MetricDescriptor_INT64,

ReverseCount is the Stackdriver metric for monitoring the number of reverse buildlets up at any given moment.

type Metric Uses

type Metric struct {
    Name       string
    Descriptor *metpb.MetricDescriptor

Metric defines a custom metric type used by Go build system.

func (*Metric) DescriptorPath Uses

func (m *Metric) DescriptorPath(project string) string

DescriptorPath returns the unique path for this metric among all GCP resources in all projects. See for details.

func (*Metric) Labels Uses

func (m *Metric) Labels(labels ...string) (map[string]string, error)

Labels populates the set of labels with the given label values. The labels should be passed in the same order as defined in the metric descriptor. All labels listed in the Descriptor must be assigned values.

func (*Metric) TypedValue Uses

func (m *Metric) TypedValue(v interface{}) (*monpb.TypedValue, error)

TypedValue returns the cooresponding *monpb.TypedValue based on the metric descriptor's value type.

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