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package gophers

import ""

Package gophers is a list of names, emails, and GitHub usernames of people from the Go git repos and issue trackers.


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func GitHubOfGomoteUser Uses

func GitHubOfGomoteUser(gomoteUser string) (githubUser string)

GitHubOfGomoteUser returns the GitHub username for the provided gomote user.

type Person Uses

type Person struct {
    Name    string   // "Foo Bar"
    GitHub  string   // "FooBar" (orig case, no '@')
    Gerrit  string   // "" (lowercase)
    Emails  []string // all lower
    Googler bool     // whether person is (or was) a Googler; determined via heuristics
    Bot     bool     // whether it's a known bot (GopherBot, Gerrit Bot)

Person represents a person.

func GetGerritPerson Uses

func GetGerritPerson(ai gerrit.AccountInfo) *Person

GetGerritPerson looks up a person from the Gerrit account ai. It uses the name and email in the Gerrit account for the lookup.

func GetPerson Uses

func GetPerson(id string) *Person

GetPerson looks up a person by id and returns one if found, or nil otherwise.

The id is case insensitive, and may be one of:

• full name (for example, "Dmitri Shuralyov")

• GitHub username (for example, "@dmitshur"), leading '@' is mandatory

• GitHub team name (for example, "@golang/tools-team"), leading '@' is mandatory

• Gerrit <account ID>@<instance ID> (for example, "6005@62eb7196-b449-3ce5-99f1-c037f21e1705")

• email (for example, "")

Only exact matches are supported.

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