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package repos

import ""

Package repos contains information about Go source repositories.


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var ByGerritProject = map[string]*Repo{}

ByGerritProject maps from a Gerrit project name ("go", "net", etc) to the Repo's information.

var ByImportPath = map[string]*Repo{}

ByImportPath maps from an import path ("") to the Repo's information.

type Repo Uses

type Repo struct {
    // GoGerritProject, if non-empty, is the repo's Gerrit project
    // name, such as "go", "net", or "sys".
    GoGerritProject string

    // ImportPath is the repo's import path.
    // It is empty for the main Go repo and other repos that do not
    // contain Go code.
    ImportPath string

    // MirrorToGitHub controls whether this repo is mirrored
    // from Gerrit to GitHub. If true, GoGerritProject and
    // gitHubRepo must both be defined.
    MirrorToGitHub bool

    // CoordinatorCanBuild reports whether this a repo that the
    // build coordinator knows how to build.
    CoordinatorCanBuild bool

    // WebsiteDesc is the description of the repo for showing on
    // It should be plain text. Hostnames may be auto-linkified.
    WebsiteDesc string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Repo) GitHubRepo Uses

func (r *Repo) GitHubRepo() string

GitHubRepo returns the "<org>/<repo>" that this repo either lives at or is mirrored to. It returns the empty string if this repo has no GitHub presence.

func (*Repo) ShowOnDashboard Uses

func (r *Repo) ShowOnDashboard() bool

ShowOnDashboard reports whether this repo should show up on in the list of repos at bottom.

When this returns true, r.GoGerritProject is guaranteed to be non-empty.

func (*Repo) UsePkgGoDev Uses

func (r *Repo) UsePkgGoDev() bool

UsePkgGoDev reports whether the repo has opted-in to use for displaying documentation for Go packages.

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