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package tarutil

import ""

Package tarutil contains utilities for working with tar archives.


Package Files


type FileList Uses

type FileList struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

FileList is a list of entries in a tar archive which acts as a template to make .tar.gz io.Readers as needed.

The zero value is a valid empty list.

All entries must be added before calling OpenTarGz.

func (*FileList) AddHeader Uses

func (fl *FileList) AddHeader(h *tar.Header)

AddHeader adds a non-regular file to the FileList.

func (*FileList) AddRegular Uses

func (fl *FileList) AddRegular(h *tar.Header, size int64, content io.ReaderAt)

AddRegular adds a regular file to the FileList.

func (*FileList) TarGz Uses

func (fl *FileList) TarGz() io.ReadCloser

TarGz returns an io.ReadCloser of a gzip-compressed tar file containing the contents of the FileList. All Add calls must happen before OpenTarGz is called. Callers must call Close on the returned ReadCloser to release resources.

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