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package acmetest

import ""

Package acmetest provides types for testing acme and autocert packages.

TODO: Consider moving this to x/crypto/acme/internal/acmetest for acme tests as well.


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type CAServer Uses

type CAServer struct {
    URL   string         // server URL after it has been started
    Roots *x509.CertPool // CA root certificates; initialized in NewCAServer
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

CAServer is a simple test server which implements ACME spec bits needed for testing.

func NewCAServer Uses

func NewCAServer(challengeTypes []string, domainsWhitelist []string) *CAServer

NewCAServer creates a new ACME test server and starts serving requests. The returned CAServer issues certs signed with the CA roots available in the Roots field.

The challengeTypes argument defines the supported ACME challenge types sent to a client in a response for a domain authorization. If domainsWhitelist is non-empty, the certs will be issued only for the specified list of domains. Otherwise, any domain name is allowed.

func (*CAServer) Close Uses

func (ca *CAServer) Close()

Close shuts down the server and blocks until all outstanding requests on this server have completed.

func (*CAServer) Resolve Uses

func (ca *CAServer) Resolve(domain, addr string)

Resolve adds a domain to address resolution for the ca to dial to when validating challenges for the domain authorization.

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