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package blake2s

import ""

Package blake2s implements the BLAKE2s hash algorithm as defined in RFC 7693.


Package Files

blake2s.go blake2s_amd64.go blake2s_generic.go


const (
    // The blocksize of BLAKE2s in bytes.
    BlockSize = 64

    // The hash size of BLAKE2s-256 in bytes.
    Size = 32

    // The hash size of BLAKE2s-128 in bytes.
    Size128 = 16

func New128 Uses

func New128(key []byte) (hash.Hash, error)

New128 returns a new hash.Hash computing the BLAKE2s-128 checksum given a non-empty key. Note that a 128-bit digest is too small to be secure as a cryptographic hash and should only be used as a MAC, thus the key argument is not optional.

func New256 Uses

func New256(key []byte) (hash.Hash, error)

New256 returns a new hash.Hash computing the BLAKE2s-256 checksum. A non-nil key turns the hash into a MAC. The key must between zero and 32 bytes long.

func Sum256 Uses

func Sum256(data []byte) [Size]byte

Sum256 returns the BLAKE2s-256 checksum of the data.

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