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package md4

import ""

Package md4 implements the MD4 hash algorithm as defined in RFC 1320.

Deprecated: MD4 is cryptographically broken and should should only be used where compatibility with legacy systems, not security, is the goal. Instead, use a secure hash like SHA-256 (from crypto/sha256).



Package Files

md4.go md4block.go


const BlockSize = 64

The blocksize of MD4 in bytes.

const Size = 16

The size of an MD4 checksum in bytes.

func New Uses

func New() hash.Hash

New returns a new hash.Hash computing the MD4 checksum.


h := md4.New()
data := "These pretzels are making me thirsty."
io.WriteString(h, data)
fmt.Printf("%x", h.Sum(nil))



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