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package errors

import ""

Package errors contains common error types for the OpenPGP packages.


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var ErrKeyIncorrect error = keyIncorrectError(0)
var ErrKeyRevoked error = keyRevokedError(0)
var ErrUnknownIssuer error = unknownIssuerError(0)

type InvalidArgumentError Uses

type InvalidArgumentError string

InvalidArgumentError indicates that the caller is in error and passed an incorrect value.

func (InvalidArgumentError) Error Uses

func (i InvalidArgumentError) Error() string

type SignatureError Uses

type SignatureError string

SignatureError indicates that a syntactically valid signature failed to validate.

func (SignatureError) Error Uses

func (b SignatureError) Error() string

type StructuralError Uses

type StructuralError string

A StructuralError is returned when OpenPGP data is found to be syntactically invalid.

func (StructuralError) Error Uses

func (s StructuralError) Error() string

type UnknownPacketTypeError Uses

type UnknownPacketTypeError uint8

func (UnknownPacketTypeError) Error Uses

func (upte UnknownPacketTypeError) Error() string

type UnsupportedError Uses

type UnsupportedError string

UnsupportedError indicates that, although the OpenPGP data is valid, it makes use of currently unimplemented features.

func (UnsupportedError) Error Uses

func (s UnsupportedError) Error() string

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