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package server

import ""

Package server provides RPC access to a local program being debugged. It is the remote end of the client implementation of the Program interface.


Package Files

dwarf.go eval.go peek.go print.go ptrace.go server.go value.go

type Printer Uses

type Printer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

A Printer pretty-prints values in the target address space. It can be reused after each printing operation to avoid unnecessary allocations. However, it is not safe for concurrent access.

func NewPrinter Uses

func NewPrinter(arch *arch.Architecture, dwarf *dwarf.Data, server *Server) *Printer

NewPrinter returns a printer that can use the Server to access and print values of the specified architecture described by the provided DWARF data.

func (*Printer) Sprint Uses

func (p *Printer) Sprint(name string) (string, error)

Sprint returns the pretty-printed value of the item with the given name, such as "".

func (*Printer) SprintEntry Uses

func (p *Printer) SprintEntry(entry *dwarf.Entry, a uint64) (string, error)

SprintEntry returns the pretty-printed value of the item with the specified DWARF Entry and address.

type Server Uses

type Server struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func New Uses

func New(executable string) (*Server, error)

New parses the executable and builds local data structures for answering requests. It returns a Server ready to serve requests about the executable.

func (*Server) Breakpoint Uses

func (s *Server) Breakpoint(req *protocol.BreakpointRequest, resp *protocol.BreakpointResponse) error

func (*Server) BreakpointAtFunction Uses

func (s *Server) BreakpointAtFunction(req *protocol.BreakpointAtFunctionRequest, resp *protocol.BreakpointResponse) error

func (*Server) BreakpointAtLine Uses

func (s *Server) BreakpointAtLine(req *protocol.BreakpointAtLineRequest, resp *protocol.BreakpointResponse) error

func (*Server) Close Uses

func (s *Server) Close(req *protocol.CloseRequest, resp *protocol.CloseResponse) error

func (*Server) DeleteBreakpoints Uses

func (s *Server) DeleteBreakpoints(req *protocol.DeleteBreakpointsRequest, resp *protocol.DeleteBreakpointsResponse) error

func (*Server) Eval Uses

func (s *Server) Eval(req *protocol.EvalRequest, resp *protocol.EvalResponse) error

func (*Server) Evaluate Uses

func (s *Server) Evaluate(req *protocol.EvaluateRequest, resp *protocol.EvaluateResponse) error

func (*Server) Frames Uses

func (s *Server) Frames(req *protocol.FramesRequest, resp *protocol.FramesResponse) error

func (*Server) Goroutines Uses

func (s *Server) Goroutines(req *protocol.GoroutinesRequest, resp *protocol.GoroutinesResponse) error

func (*Server) MapElement Uses

func (s *Server) MapElement(req *protocol.MapElementRequest, resp *protocol.MapElementResponse) error

func (*Server) Open Uses

func (s *Server) Open(req *protocol.OpenRequest, resp *protocol.OpenResponse) error

func (*Server) ReadAt Uses

func (s *Server) ReadAt(req *protocol.ReadAtRequest, resp *protocol.ReadAtResponse) error

func (*Server) Resume Uses

func (s *Server) Resume(req *protocol.ResumeRequest, resp *protocol.ResumeResponse) error

func (*Server) Run Uses

func (s *Server) Run(req *protocol.RunRequest, resp *protocol.RunResponse) error

func (*Server) Value Uses

func (s *Server) Value(req *protocol.ValueRequest, resp *protocol.ValueResponse) error

func (*Server) VarByName Uses

func (s *Server) VarByName(req *protocol.VarByNameRequest, resp *protocol.VarByNameResponse) error


protocolPackage protocol defines the types used to represent calls to the debug server.

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