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cmd/apidiffCommand apidiff determines whether two versions of a package are compatible
cmd/goreleasegorelease is an experimental tool that helps module authors avoid common problems before releasing a new version of a module.
cmd/macos-roots-testCommand macOS-roots-test runs crypto/x509.TestSystemRoots as a stand-alone binary for crowdsourced testing.
cmd/modgraphvizModgraphviz converts “go mod graph” output into Graphviz's DOT language, for use with Graphviz visualization and analysis tools like dot, dotty, and sccmap.
cmd/txtarThe txtar command writes or extracts a text-based file archive in the format provided by the golang.org/x/tools/txtar package.
ebnfPackage ebnf is a library for EBNF grammars.
ebnflintEbnflint verifies that EBNF productions are consistent and grammatically correct.
errorsPackage errors implements functions to manipulate errors.
errors/fmtPackage fmt implements formatted I/O with functions analogous to C's printf and scanf.
io/i2cPackage i2c allows users to read from and write to a slave I2C device.
io/i2c/driverPackage driver contains interfaces to be implemented by various I2C implementations.
io/spiPackage spi allows users to read from and write to an SPI device.
io/spi/driverPackage driver contains interfaces to be implemented by various SPI implementations.
mmapPackage mmap provides a way to memory-map a file.
randPackage rand implements pseudo-random number generators.
shiny/driverPackage driver provides the default driver for accessing a screen.
shiny/driver/gldriverPackage gldriver provides an OpenGL driver for accessing a screen.
shiny/driver/internal/drawerPackage drawer provides functions that help implement screen.Drawer methods.
shiny/driver/internal/errscreenPackage errscreen provides a stub Screen implementation.
shiny/driver/internal/eventPackage event provides an infinitely buffered double-ended queue of events.
shiny/driver/internal/lifecyclerPackage lifecycler tracks a window's lifecycle state.
shiny/driver/internal/swizzlePackage swizzle provides functions for converting between RGBA pixel formats.
shiny/driver/internal/win32Package win32 implements a partial shiny screen driver using the Win32 API.
shiny/driver/internal/x11keyx11key contains X11 numeric codes for the keyboard and mouse.
shiny/driver/mtldriverPackage mtldriver provides a Metal driver for accessing a screen.
shiny/driver/mtldriver/internal/appkitPackage appkit provides access to Apple's AppKit API (https://developer.apple.com/documentation/appkit).
shiny/driver/mtldriver/internal/coreanimPackage coreanim provides access to Apple's Core Animation API (https://developer.apple.com/documentation/quartzcore).
shiny/driver/windriverPackage windriver provides the Windows driver for accessing a screen.
shiny/driver/x11driverPackage x11driver provides the X11 driver for accessing a screen.
shiny/gesturePackage gesture provides gesture events such as long presses and drags.
shiny/iconvgPackage iconvg implements a compact, binary format for simple vector graphics: icons, logos, glyphs and emoji.
shiny/iconvg/internal/gradientPackage gradient provides linear and radial gradient images.
shiny/imageutilPackage imageutil implements some image utility functions.
shiny/materialdesign/colornamesPackage colornames provides named colors as defined in the Material Design style guide.
shiny/materialdesign/iconsPackage icons contains the Material Design icon set, in the IconVG vector graphic format.
shiny/screenPackage screen provides interfaces for portable two-dimensional graphics and input events.
shiny/textPackage text lays out paragraphs of text.
shiny/unitPackage unit defines units of length such as inches or pixels.
shiny/vendor/github.com/BurntSushi/xgbPackage XGB provides the X Go Binding, which is a low-level API to communicate with the core X protocol and many of the X extensions.
shiny/vendor/github.com/BurntSushi/xgb/renderPackage render is the X client API for the RENDER extension.
shiny/vendor/github.com/BurntSushi/xgb/shmPackage shm is the X client API for the MIT-SHM extension.
shiny/vendor/github.com/BurntSushi/xgb/xprotoPackage xproto is the X client API for the extension.
shiny/widgetPackage widget provides graphical user interface widgets.
shiny/widget/flexPackage flex provides a container widget that lays out its children following the CSS flexbox algorithm.
shiny/widget/glwidgetPackage glwidget provides a widget containing a GL ES framebuffer.
shiny/widget/nodePackage node provides the structure for a tree of heterogenous widget nodes.
shiny/widget/themePackage theme provides widget themes.
sumdb/gosumcheckGosumcheck checks a go.sum file against a go.sum database server.
sumdb/internal/notePackage note defines the notes signed by the Go module database server.
sumdb/internal/sumwebPackage sumweb implements the HTTP protocols for serving or accessing a go.sum database.
sumdb/internal/tkvPackage tkv defines a simple interface to a transactional key-value storage system.
sumdb/internal/tkv/tkvtestPackage tkvtest contains a test harness for testing tkv.Storage implementations.
sumdb/internal/tlogPackage tlog implements a tamper-evident log used in the Go module go.sum database server.
utf8stringPackage utf8string provides an efficient way to index strings by rune rather than by byte.
winfsnotifyPackage winfsnotify allows the user to receive file system event notifications on Windows.

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