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package driver

import "golang.org/x/exp/io/i2c/driver"

Package driver contains interfaces to be implemented by various I2C implementations.


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type Conn Uses

type Conn interface {
    // Tx first writes w (if not nil), then reads len(r)
    // bytes from device into r (if not nil) in a single
    // I2C transaction.
    Tx(w, r []byte) error

    // Close closes the connection.
    Close() error

Conn represents an active connection to an I2C device.

type Opener Uses

type Opener interface {
    Open(addr int, tenbit bool) (Conn, error)

Opener opens a connection to an I2C device to communicate with the I2C address given. If the address is an 10-bit I2C address, tenbit is true.

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