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package driver

import "golang.org/x/exp/io/spi/driver"

Package driver contains interfaces to be implemented by various SPI implementations.


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const (
    Mode = iota

type Conn Uses

type Conn interface {
    // Configure configures the SPI device.
    // Available configuration keys are:
    //  - Mode, the SPI mode (valid values are 0, 1, 2 and 3).
    //  - Bits, bits per word (default is 8-bit per word).
    //  - Speed, the max clock speed (in Hz).
    //  - Order, bit order to be used in transfers. Zero value represents
    //    the MSB-first, non-zero values represent LSB-first encoding.
    //  - Delay, the pause time between frames (in usecs).
    //    Some SPI devices require a minimum amount of wait time after
    //    each frame write. If set, Delay amount of usecs are inserted after
    //    each write.
    //  - CSChange, whether to leave the device's chipselect active after a Tx.
    // SPI devices can override these values.
    Configure(k, v int) error

    // Tx performs a SPI transaction: w is written if not nil, the result is
    // put into r if not nil. len(w) must be equal to len(r), otherwise the
    // driver should return an error.
    Tx(w, r []byte) error

    // Close frees the underlying resources and closes the connection.
    Close() error

Conn is a connection to an SPI device. TODO(jbd): Extend the interface to query configuration values.

type Opener Uses

type Opener interface {
    Open() (Conn, error)

Opener is an interface to be implemented by the SPI driver to open a connection to an SPI device.

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