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package vp8

import ""

Package vp8 implements a decoder for the VP8 lossy image format.

The VP8 specification is RFC 6386.


Package Files

decode.go filter.go idct.go partition.go pred.go predfunc.go quant.go reconstruct.go token.go

type Decoder Uses

type Decoder struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Decoder decodes VP8 bitstreams into frames. Decoding one frame consists of calling Init, DecodeFrameHeader and then DecodeFrame in that order. A Decoder can be re-used to decode multiple frames.

func NewDecoder Uses

func NewDecoder() *Decoder

NewDecoder returns a new Decoder.

func (*Decoder) DecodeFrame Uses

func (d *Decoder) DecodeFrame() (*image.YCbCr, error)

DecodeFrame decodes the frame and returns it as an YCbCr image. The image's contents are valid up until the next call to Decoder.Init.

func (*Decoder) DecodeFrameHeader Uses

func (d *Decoder) DecodeFrameHeader() (fh FrameHeader, err error)

DecodeFrameHeader decodes the frame header.

func (*Decoder) Init Uses

func (d *Decoder) Init(r io.Reader, n int)

Init initializes the decoder to read at most n bytes from r.

type FrameHeader Uses

type FrameHeader struct {
    KeyFrame          bool
    VersionNumber     uint8
    ShowFrame         bool
    FirstPartitionLen uint32
    Width             int
    Height            int
    XScale            uint8
    YScale            uint8

FrameHeader is a frame header, as specified in section 9.1.

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