gosumcheckGosumcheck checks a go.sum file against a go.sum database server.
internal/lazyregexpPackage lazyregexp is a thin wrapper over regexp, allowing the use of global regexp variables without forcing them to be compiled at init.
modulePackage module defines the module.Version type along with support code.
semverPackage semver implements comparison of semantic version strings.
sumdbPackage sumdb implements the HTTP protocols for serving or accessing a module checksum database.
sumdb/dirhashPackage dirhash defines hashes over directory trees.
sumdb/notePackage note defines the notes signed by the Go module database server.
sumdb/storagePackage storage defines storage interfaces for and a basic implementation of a checksum database.
sumdb/tlogPackage tlog implements a tamper-evident log used in the Go module go.sum database server.

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