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Command gosumcheck

Gosumcheck checks a go.sum file against a go.sum database server.


gosumcheck [-h H] [-k key] [-u url] [-v] go.sum

The -h flag changes the tile height (default 8).

The -k flag changes the go.sum database server key.

The -u flag overrides the URL of the server (usually set from the key name).

The -v flag enables verbose output. In particular, it causes gosumcheck to report the URL and elapsed time for each server request.


Gosumcheck is meant as a proof of concept demo and should not be used in production scripts or continuous integration testing. It does not cache any downloaded information from run to run, making it expensive and also keeping it from detecting server misbehavior or successful HTTPS man-in-the-middle timeline forks.

To discourage misuse in automated settings, gosumcheck does not set any exit status to report whether any problems were found.

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