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package jira

import "golang.org/x/oauth2/jira"

Package jira provides claims and JWT signing for OAuth2 to access JIRA/Confluence.


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type ClaimSet Uses

type ClaimSet struct {
    Issuer       string `json:"iss"`
    Subject      string `json:"sub"`
    InstalledURL string `json:"tnt"` // URL of installed app
    AuthURL      string `json:"aud"` // URL of auth server
    ExpiresIn    int64  `json:"exp"` // Must be no later that 60 seconds in the future
    IssuedAt     int64  `json:"iat"`

ClaimSet contains information about the JWT signature according to Atlassian's documentation https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/software/oauth-2-jwt-bearer-token-authorization-grant-type/

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    // BaseURL for your app
    BaseURL string

    // Subject is the userkey as defined by Atlassian
    // Different than username (ex: /rest/api/2/user?username=alex)
    Subject string


Config is the configuration for using JWT to fetch tokens, commonly known as "two-legged OAuth 2.0".

func (*Config) Client Uses

func (c *Config) Client(ctx context.Context) *http.Client

Client returns an HTTP client wrapping the context's HTTP transport and adding Authorization headers with tokens obtained from c.

The returned client and its Transport should not be modified.

func (*Config) TokenSource Uses

func (c *Config) TokenSource(ctx context.Context) oauth2.TokenSource

TokenSource returns a JWT TokenSource using the configuration in c and the HTTP client from the provided context.

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