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package app

import ""

Package app implements the performance data storage server. Combine an App with a database and filesystem to get an HTTP server.


Package Files

app.go local.go query.go upload.go


var ErrResponseWritten = errors.New("response written")

ErrResponseWritten can be returned by App.Auth to abort the normal /upload handling.

type App Uses

type App struct {
    DB  *db.DB
    FS  fs.FS

    // Auth obtains the username for the request.
    // If necessary, it can write its own response (e.g. a
    // redirect) and return ErrResponseWritten.
    Auth func(http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request) (string, error)

    // ViewURLBase will be used to construct a URL to return as
    // "viewurl" in the response from /upload. If it is non-empty,
    // the upload ID will be appended to ViewURLBase.
    ViewURLBase string

    // BaseDir is the directory containing the "template" directory.
    // If empty, the current directory will be used.
    BaseDir string

App manages the storage server logic. Construct an App instance using a literal with DB and FS objects and call RegisterOnMux to connect it with an HTTP server.

func (*App) RegisterOnMux Uses

func (a *App) RegisterOnMux(mux *http.ServeMux)

RegisterOnMux registers the app's URLs on mux.

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