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package internal

import ""

Package internal supports the options and transport packages.


Package Files

pool.go settings.go

type DialSettings Uses

type DialSettings struct {
    Endpoint                   string
    Scopes                     []string
    ServiceAccountJSONFilename string // if set, TokenSource is ignored.
    TokenSource                oauth2.TokenSource
    UserAgent                  string
    APIKey                     string
    HTTPClient                 *http.Client
    GRPCDialOpts               []grpc.DialOption
    GRPCConn                   *grpc.ClientConn

DialSettings holds information needed to establish a connection with a Google API service.

type PoolResolver Uses

type PoolResolver struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

PoolResolver provides a fixed list of addresses to load balance between and does not provide further updates.

func NewPoolResolver Uses

func NewPoolResolver(size int, o *DialSettings) *PoolResolver

NewPoolResolver returns a PoolResolver This is an EXPERIMENTAL API and may be changed or removed in the future.

func (*PoolResolver) Close Uses

func (r *PoolResolver) Close()

func (*PoolResolver) Next Uses

func (r *PoolResolver) Next() ([]*naming.Update, error)

Next returns a static list of updates on the first call, and blocks indefinitely until Close is called on subsequent calls.

func (*PoolResolver) Resolve Uses

func (r *PoolResolver) Resolve(target string) (naming.Watcher, error)

Resolve returns a Watcher for the endpoint defined by the DialSettings provided to NewPoolResolver.

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