cmd/frontendThe frontend runs a service to serve user-facing traffic.
cmd/internal/cmdconfigPackage cmdconfig contains functions for configuring commands.
cmd/proberThe prober hits the frontend with a fixed set of URLs.
cmd/teeproxyThe teeproxy hits the frontend with a URL from
cmd/workerThe worker command runs a service with the primary job of fetching modules from a proxy and writing them to the database.
internalPackage internal contains data used through x/pkgsite.
internal/authPackage auth authorizes programs to make HTTP requests to the discovery site.
internal/breakerPackage breaker implements the circuit breaker pattern.
internal/completePackage complete defines a Completion type that is used in auto-completion, along with Encode and Decode methods that can be used for storing this type in redis.
internal/configPackage config resolves shared configuration for Go Discovery services, and provides functions to access this configuration.
internal/config/dynconfigPackage dynconfig supports dynamic configuration for pkgsite services.
internal/databasePackage database adds some useful functionality to a sql.DB.
internal/dcensusPackage dcensus provides functionality for debug instrumentation.
internal/derrorsPackage derrors defines internal error values to categorize the different types error semantics we support.
internal/experimentPackage experiment provides functionality for experiments.
internal/fetchPackage fetch provides a way to fetch modules from a proxy.
internal/frontendPackage frontend provides functionality for running the site.
internal/godocPackage godoc is for rendering Go documentation.
internal/godoc/codecPackage codec implements the general-purpose part of an encoder for Go values.
internal/godoc/dochtmlPackage dochtml renders Go package documentation into HTML.
internal/godoc/dochtml/internal/renderPackage render formats Go documentation as HTML.
internal/godoc/internal/docPackage doc extracts source code documentation from a Go AST.
internal/indexPackage index provides a client for communicating with the module index.
internal/licensesPackage licenses detects licenses and determines whether they are redistributable.
internal/localdatasourcePackage localdatasource implements an in-memory internal.DataSource used to load and display documentation for local modules that are not available via a proxy.
internal/logPackage log supports structured and unstructured logging with levels.
internal/middlewarePackage middleware implements a simple middleware pattern for http handlers, along with implementations for some common middlewares.
internal/pollerPackage poller supports periodic polling to load a value.
internal/postgresPackage postgres provides functionality for reading and writing to the postgres database.
internal/proxyPackage proxy provides a client for interacting with a proxy.
internal/proxydatasourcePackage proxydatasource implements an internal.DataSource backed solely by a proxy instance.
internal/queuePackage queue provides queue implementations that can be used for asynchronous scheduling of fetch actions.
internal/secretsPackage secrets is used to interact with secretmanager.
internal/sourcePackage source constructs public URLs that link to the source files in a module.
internal/stdlibPackage stdlib supports special handling of the Go standard library.
internal/teeproxyPackage teeproxy provides functionality for running a service which tees traffic to
internal/testing/dbtestPackage dbtest supports testing with a database.
internal/testing/htmlcheckPackage htmlcheck provides a set of functions that check for properties of a parsed HTML document.
internal/testing/pagecheckPackage pagecheck implements HTML checkers for discovery site pages.
internal/testing/samplePackage sample provides functionality for generating sample values of the types contained in the internal package.
internal/testing/testhelperPackage testhelper provides shared functionality and constants to be used in Discovery tests.
internal/versionPackage version handles version types.
internal/workerPackage worker provides functionality for running a worker service.
internal/xcontextPackage xcontext is a package to offer the extra functionality we need from contexts that is not available from the standard context package.

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