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package internal

import ""


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func PeriodicallyDo Uses

func PeriodicallyDo(ctx context.Context, period time.Duration, f func(context.Context, time.Time))

PeriodicallyDo calls f every period until the provided context is cancelled.

func WaitOrStop Uses

func WaitOrStop(ctx context.Context, cmd *exec.Cmd, interrupt os.Signal, killDelay time.Duration) error

WaitOrStop waits for the already-started command cmd by calling its Wait method.

If cmd does not return before ctx is done, WaitOrStop sends it the given interrupt signal. If killDelay is positive, WaitOrStop waits that additional period for Wait to return before sending os.Kill.


gcpdialPackage gcpdial monitors VM instance groups to let frontends dial them directly without going through an internal load balancer.
gcpdial/gcpdialtoolThe gcpdialtool command is an interactive validation tool for the gcpdial packge.

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