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Command mkwinsyscall

mkwinsyscall generates windows system call bodies

It parses all files specified on command line containing function prototypes (like syscall_windows.go) and prints system call bodies to standard output.

The prototypes are marked by lines beginning with "//sys" and read like func declarations if //sys is replaced by func, but:

* The parameter lists must give a name for each argument. This

includes return parameters.

* The parameter lists must give a type for each argument:

the (x, y, z int) shorthand is not allowed.

* If the return parameter is an error number, it must be named err.

* If go func name needs to be different from its winapi dll name,

the winapi name could be specified at the end, after "=" sign, like
//sys LoadLibrary(libname string) (handle uint32, err error) = LoadLibraryA

* Each function that returns err needs to supply a condition, that

return value of winapi will be tested against to detect failure.
This would set err to windows "last-error", otherwise it will be nil.
The value can be provided at end of //sys declaration, like
//sys LoadLibrary(libname string) (handle uint32, err error) [failretval==-1] = LoadLibraryA
and is [failretval==0] by default.

* If the function name ends in a "?", then the function not existing is non-

fatal, and an error will be returned instead of panicking.


mkwinsyscall [flags] [path ...]

The flags are:

	Specify output file name (outputs to console if blank).
	Generate print statement after every syscall.

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