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package google

import ""


Package Files

fake.go first.go parallel.go serial.go timeout.go


var (
    Web   = FakeSearch("web", "The Go Programming Language", "")
    Image = FakeSearch("image", "The Go gopher", "")
    Video = FakeSearch("video", "Concurrency is not Parallelism", "")


var (
    Web1   = FakeSearch("web1", "The Go Programming Language", "")
    Web2   = FakeSearch("web2", "The Go Programming Language", "")
    Image1 = FakeSearch("image1", "The Go gopher", "")
    Image2 = FakeSearch("image2", "The Go gopher", "")
    Video1 = FakeSearch("video1", "Concurrency is not Parallelism",
    Video2 = FakeSearch("video2", "Concurrency is not Parallelism",
func Search(query string) ([]Result, error)

func SearchParallel Uses

func SearchParallel(query string) ([]Result, error)

func SearchReplicated Uses

func SearchReplicated(query string, timeout time.Duration) ([]Result, error)

func SearchTimeout Uses

func SearchTimeout(query string, timeout time.Duration) ([]Result, error)

type Result Uses

type Result struct {
    Title, URL string


func (Result) String Uses

func (r Result) String() string

String returns the result's title, followed by a newline.

type SearchFunc Uses

type SearchFunc func(query string) Result // HL

func FakeSearch Uses

func FakeSearch(kind, title, url string) SearchFunc

func First Uses

func First(replicas ...SearchFunc) SearchFunc

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