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package internal

import "golang.org/x/text/internal"

Package internal contains non-exported functionality that are used by packages in the text repository.


Package Files

internal.go match.go tables.go


var Parent = []uint16{ /* 768 elements not displayed */


Parent maps a compact index of a tag to the compact index of the parent of this tag.

func SortTags Uses

func SortTags(tags []language.Tag)

SortTags sorts tags in place.

func UniqueTags Uses

func UniqueTags(tags []language.Tag) []language.Tag

UniqueTags sorts and filters duplicate tags in place and returns a slice with only unique tags.

type InheritanceMatcher Uses

type InheritanceMatcher struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewInheritanceMatcher Uses

func NewInheritanceMatcher(t []language.Tag) *InheritanceMatcher

NewInheritanceMatcher returns a matcher that matches based on the inheritance chain.

The matcher uses canonicalization and the parent relationship to find a match. The resulting match will always be either Und or a language with the same language and script as the requested language. It will not match languages for which there is understood to be mutual or one-directional intelligibility.

A Match will indicate an Exact match if the language matches after canonicalization and High if the matched tag is a parent.

func (InheritanceMatcher) Match Uses

func (m InheritanceMatcher) Match(want ...language.Tag) (language.Tag, int, language.Confidence)


catmsgPackage catmsg contains support types for package x/text/message/catalog.
cldrtreePackage cldrtree builds and generates a CLDR index file, including all inheritance.
colltabPackage colltab contains functionality related to collation tables.
export/idnaPackage idna implements IDNA2008 using the compatibility processing defined by UTS (Unicode Technical Standard) #46, which defines a standard to deal with the transition from IDNA2003.
formatPackage format contains types for defining language-specific formatting of values.
genPackage gen contains common code for the various code generation tools in the text repository.
numberPackage number contains tools and data for formatting numbers.
stringsetPackage stringset provides a way to represent a collection of strings compactly.
tagPackage tag contains functionality handling tags and related data.
testtextPackage testtext contains test data that is of common use to the text repository.
triegenPackage triegen implements a code generator for a trie for associating unsigned integer values with UTF-8 encoded runes.
ucdPackage ucd provides a parser for Unicode Character Database files, the format of which is defined in http://www.unicode.org/reports/tr44/.
utf8internalPackage utf8internal contains low-level utf8-related constants, tables, etc.

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