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package util

import ""

Package util contains utility types and functions for godoc.


Package Files

throttle.go util.go

func IsText Uses

func IsText(s []byte) bool

IsText reports whether a significant prefix of s looks like correct UTF-8; that is, if it is likely that s is human-readable text.

func IsTextFile Uses

func IsTextFile(fs vfs.Opener, filename string) bool

IsTextFile reports whether the file has a known extension indicating a text file, or if a significant chunk of the specified file looks like correct UTF-8; that is, if it is likely that the file contains human- readable text.

type RWValue Uses

type RWValue struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

An RWValue wraps a value and permits mutually exclusive access to it and records the time the value was last set.

func (*RWValue) Get Uses

func (v *RWValue) Get() (interface{}, time.Time)

func (*RWValue) Set Uses

func (v *RWValue) Set(value interface{})

type Throttle Uses

type Throttle struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

A Throttle permits throttling of a goroutine by calling the Throttle method repeatedly.

func NewThrottle Uses

func NewThrottle(r float64, dt time.Duration) *Throttle

NewThrottle creates a new Throttle with a throttle value r and a minimum allocated run time slice of dt:

r == 0: "empty" throttle; the goroutine is always sleeping
r == 1: full throttle; the goroutine is never sleeping

A value of r == 0.6 throttles a goroutine such that it runs approx. 60% of the time, and sleeps approx. 40% of the time. Values of r < 0 or r > 1 are clamped down to values between 0 and 1. Values of dt < 0 are set to 0.

func (*Throttle) Throttle Uses

func (p *Throttle) Throttle()

Throttle calls time.Sleep such that over time the ratio tr/ts between accumulated run (tr) and sleep times (ts) approximates the value 1/(1-r) where r is the throttle value. Throttle returns immediately (w/o sleeping) if less than tm ns have passed since the last call to Throttle.

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