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package export

import ""


Package Files

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func Labels Uses

func Labels(output event.Exporter) event.Exporter

Labels builds an exporter that manipulates the context using the event. If the event is type IsLabel or IsStartSpan then it returns a context updated with label values from the event. For all other event types the event labels will be updated with values from the context if they are missing.

func LogWriter Uses

func LogWriter(w io.Writer, onlyErrors bool) event.Exporter

LogWriter returns an Exporter that logs events to the supplied writer. If onlyErrors is true it does not log any event that did not have an associated error. It ignores all telemetry other than log events.

func Spans Uses

func Spans(output event.Exporter) event.Exporter

Spans creates an exporter that maintains hierarchical span structure in the context. It creates new spans on start events, adds events to the current span on log or label, and closes the span on end events. The span structure can then be used by other exporters.

type Printer Uses

type Printer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Printer) WriteEvent Uses

func (p *Printer) WriteEvent(w io.Writer, ev core.Event, lm label.Map)

type Span Uses

type Span struct {
    Name     string
    ID       SpanContext
    ParentID SpanID
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func GetSpan Uses

func GetSpan(ctx context.Context) *Span

func (*Span) Events Uses

func (s *Span) Events() []core.Event

func (*Span) Finish Uses

func (s *Span) Finish() core.Event

func (*Span) Format Uses

func (s *Span) Format(f fmt.State, r rune)

func (*Span) Start Uses

func (s *Span) Start() core.Event

type SpanContext Uses

type SpanContext struct {
    TraceID TraceID
    SpanID  SpanID

func (*SpanContext) Format Uses

func (s *SpanContext) Format(f fmt.State, r rune)

type SpanID Uses

type SpanID [8]byte

func (SpanID) IsValid Uses

func (s SpanID) IsValid() bool

func (SpanID) String Uses

func (s SpanID) String() string

type TraceID Uses

type TraceID [16]byte

func (TraceID) String Uses

func (t TraceID) String() string


eventtestPackage eventtest supports logging events to a test.
metricPackage metric aggregates events into metrics that can be exported.
ocagentPackage ocagent adds the ability to export all telemetry to an ocagent.

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