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package lsp

import ""

Package lsp implements LSP for gopls.


Package Files

code_action.go command.go completion.go definition.go diagnostics.go folding_range.go format.go general.go generate.go highlight.go hover.go implementation.go link.go progress.go references.go rename.go server.go server_gen.go signature_help.go symbols.go text_synchronization.go workspace.go workspace_symbol.go


const (
    // FromDidOpen is a file modification caused by opening a file.
    FromDidOpen = ModificationSource(iota)
    // FromDidChange is a file modification caused by changing a file.
    // FromDidChangeWatchedFiles is a file modification caused by a change to a watched file.
    // FromDidSave is a file modification caused by a file save.
    // FromDidClose is a file modification caused by closing a file.
const GenerateWorkDoneTitle = "generate"

GenerateWorkDoneTitle is the title used in progress reporting for go generate commands. It is exported for testing purposes.

func DiagnosticWorkTitle Uses

func DiagnosticWorkTitle(cause ModificationSource) string

DiagnosticWorkTitle returns the title of the diagnostic work resulting from a file change originating from the given cause.

type ModificationSource Uses

type ModificationSource int

ModificationSource identifies the originating cause of a file modification.

func (ModificationSource) String Uses

func (m ModificationSource) String() string

type Server Uses

type Server struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Server implements the protocol.Server interface.

func NewServer Uses

func NewServer(session source.Session, client protocol.Client) *Server

NewServer creates an LSP server and binds it to handle incoming client messages on on the supplied stream.

func (*Server) CodeAction Uses

func (s *Server) CodeAction(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.CodeActionParams) ([]protocol.CodeAction, error)

func (*Server) CodeLens Uses

func (s *Server) CodeLens(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.CodeLensParams) ([]protocol.CodeLens, error)

func (*Server) ColorPresentation Uses

func (s *Server) ColorPresentation(context.Context, *protocol.ColorPresentationParams) ([]protocol.ColorPresentation, error)

func (*Server) Completion Uses

func (s *Server) Completion(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.CompletionParams) (*protocol.CompletionList, error)

func (*Server) Declaration Uses

func (s *Server) Declaration(context.Context, *protocol.DeclarationParams) (protocol.Declaration, error)

func (*Server) Definition Uses

func (s *Server) Definition(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DefinitionParams) (protocol.Definition, error)

func (*Server) DidChange Uses

func (s *Server) DidChange(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DidChangeTextDocumentParams) error

func (*Server) DidChangeConfiguration Uses

func (s *Server) DidChangeConfiguration(ctx context.Context, changed *protocol.DidChangeConfigurationParams) error

func (*Server) DidChangeWatchedFiles Uses

func (s *Server) DidChangeWatchedFiles(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DidChangeWatchedFilesParams) error

func (*Server) DidChangeWorkspaceFolders Uses

func (s *Server) DidChangeWorkspaceFolders(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DidChangeWorkspaceFoldersParams) error

func (*Server) DidClose Uses

func (s *Server) DidClose(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DidCloseTextDocumentParams) error

func (*Server) DidOpen Uses

func (s *Server) DidOpen(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DidOpenTextDocumentParams) error

func (*Server) DidSave Uses

func (s *Server) DidSave(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DidSaveTextDocumentParams) error

func (*Server) DocumentColor Uses

func (s *Server) DocumentColor(context.Context, *protocol.DocumentColorParams) ([]protocol.ColorInformation, error)

func (*Server) DocumentHighlight Uses

func (s *Server) DocumentHighlight(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DocumentHighlightParams) ([]protocol.DocumentHighlight, error)
func (s *Server) DocumentLink(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DocumentLinkParams) ([]protocol.DocumentLink, error)

func (*Server) DocumentSymbol Uses

func (s *Server) DocumentSymbol(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DocumentSymbolParams) ([]interface{}, error)

func (*Server) ExecuteCommand Uses

func (s *Server) ExecuteCommand(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.ExecuteCommandParams) (interface{}, error)

func (*Server) Exit Uses

func (s *Server) Exit(ctx context.Context) error

func (*Server) FoldingRange Uses

func (s *Server) FoldingRange(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.FoldingRangeParams) ([]protocol.FoldingRange, error)

func (*Server) Formatting Uses

func (s *Server) Formatting(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DocumentFormattingParams) ([]protocol.TextEdit, error)

func (*Server) Hover Uses

func (s *Server) Hover(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.HoverParams) (*protocol.Hover, error)

func (*Server) Implementation Uses

func (s *Server) Implementation(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.ImplementationParams) (protocol.Definition, error)

func (*Server) IncomingCalls Uses

func (s *Server) IncomingCalls(context.Context, *protocol.CallHierarchyIncomingCallsParams) ([]protocol.CallHierarchyIncomingCall, error)

func (*Server) Initialize Uses

func (s *Server) Initialize(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.ParamInitialize) (*protocol.InitializeResult, error)

func (*Server) Initialized Uses

func (s *Server) Initialized(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.InitializedParams) error

func (*Server) LogTraceNotification Uses

func (s *Server) LogTraceNotification(context.Context, *protocol.LogTraceParams) error

func (*Server) NonstandardRequest Uses

func (s *Server) NonstandardRequest(ctx context.Context, method string, params interface{}) (interface{}, error)

func (*Server) OnTypeFormatting Uses

func (s *Server) OnTypeFormatting(context.Context, *protocol.DocumentOnTypeFormattingParams) ([]protocol.TextEdit, error)

func (*Server) OutgoingCalls Uses

func (s *Server) OutgoingCalls(context.Context, *protocol.CallHierarchyOutgoingCallsParams) ([]protocol.CallHierarchyOutgoingCall, error)

func (*Server) PrepareCallHierarchy Uses

func (s *Server) PrepareCallHierarchy(context.Context, *protocol.CallHierarchyPrepareParams) ([]protocol.CallHierarchyItem, error)

func (*Server) PrepareRename Uses

func (s *Server) PrepareRename(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.PrepareRenameParams) (*protocol.Range, error)

func (*Server) RangeFormatting Uses

func (s *Server) RangeFormatting(context.Context, *protocol.DocumentRangeFormattingParams) ([]protocol.TextEdit, error)

func (*Server) References Uses

func (s *Server) References(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.ReferenceParams) ([]protocol.Location, error)

func (*Server) Rename Uses

func (s *Server) Rename(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.RenameParams) (*protocol.WorkspaceEdit, error)

func (*Server) Resolve Uses

func (s *Server) Resolve(context.Context, *protocol.CompletionItem) (*protocol.CompletionItem, error)

func (*Server) ResolveCodeLens Uses

func (s *Server) ResolveCodeLens(context.Context, *protocol.CodeLens) (*protocol.CodeLens, error)
func (s *Server) ResolveDocumentLink(context.Context, *protocol.DocumentLink) (*protocol.DocumentLink, error)

func (*Server) SelectionRange Uses

func (s *Server) SelectionRange(context.Context, *protocol.SelectionRangeParams) ([]protocol.SelectionRange, error)

func (*Server) SemanticTokens Uses

func (s *Server) SemanticTokens(context.Context, *protocol.SemanticTokensParams) (*protocol.SemanticTokens, error)

func (*Server) SemanticTokensEdits Uses

func (s *Server) SemanticTokensEdits(context.Context, *protocol.SemanticTokensEditsParams) (interface{}, error)

func (*Server) SemanticTokensRange Uses

func (s *Server) SemanticTokensRange(context.Context, *protocol.SemanticTokensRangeParams) (*protocol.SemanticTokens, error)

func (*Server) SetTraceNotification Uses

func (s *Server) SetTraceNotification(context.Context, *protocol.SetTraceParams) error

func (*Server) Shutdown Uses

func (s *Server) Shutdown(ctx context.Context) error

func (*Server) SignatureHelp Uses

func (s *Server) SignatureHelp(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.SignatureHelpParams) (*protocol.SignatureHelp, error)

func (*Server) StartWork Uses

func (s *Server) StartWork(ctx context.Context, title, message string, cancel func()) *WorkDone

StartWork creates a unique token and issues a $/progress notification to begin a unit of work on the server. The returned WorkDone handle may be used to report incremental progress, and to report work completion. In particular, it is an error to call StartWork and not call End(...) on the returned WorkDone handle.

The progress item is considered cancellable if the given cancel func is non-nil.


func Generate(ctx) (err error) {
  ctx, cancel := context.WithCancel(ctx)
  defer cancel()
  work := s.StartWork(ctx, "generate", "running go generate", cancel)
  defer func() {
    if err != nil {
      work.End(ctx, fmt.Sprintf("generate failed: %v", err))
    } else {
      work.End(ctx, "done")
  // Do the work...

func (*Server) Symbol Uses

func (s *Server) Symbol(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.WorkspaceSymbolParams) ([]protocol.SymbolInformation, error)

func (*Server) TypeDefinition Uses

func (s *Server) TypeDefinition(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.TypeDefinitionParams) (protocol.Definition, error)

func (*Server) WillSave Uses

func (s *Server) WillSave(context.Context, *protocol.WillSaveTextDocumentParams) error

func (*Server) WillSaveWaitUntil Uses

func (s *Server) WillSaveWaitUntil(context.Context, *protocol.WillSaveTextDocumentParams) ([]protocol.TextEdit, error)

func (*Server) WorkDoneProgressCancel Uses

func (s *Server) WorkDoneProgressCancel(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.WorkDoneProgressCancelParams) error

type WorkDone Uses

type WorkDone struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

WorkDone represents a unit of work that is reported to the client via the progress API.

func (*WorkDone) End Uses

func (wd *WorkDone) End(ctx context.Context, message string) error

End reports a workdone completion back to the client.

func (*WorkDone) Progress Uses

func (wd *WorkDone) Progress(ctx context.Context, message string, percentage float64) error

Progress reports an update on WorkDone progress back to the client.


analysis/fillreturnsPackage fillreturns defines an Analyzer that will attempt to automatically fill in a return statement that has missing values with zero value elements.
analysis/fillstructPackage fillstruct defines an Analyzer that automatically fills in a struct declaration with zero value elements for each field.
analysis/nonewvarsPackage nonewvars defines an Analyzer that applies suggested fixes to errors of the type "no new variables on left side of :=".
analysis/noresultvaluesPackage noresultvalues defines an Analyzer that applies suggested fixes to errors of the type "no result values expected".
analysis/simplifycompositelitPackage simplifycompositelit defines an Analyzer that simplifies composite literals.
analysis/simplifyrangePackage simplifyrange defines an Analyzer that simplifies range statements.
analysis/simplifyslicePackage simplifyslice defines an Analyzer that simplifies slice statements.
analysis/undeclarednamePackage undeclaredname defines an Analyzer that applies suggested fixes to errors of the type "undeclared name: %s".
analysis/unusedparamsPackage unusedparams defines an analyzer that checks for unused parameters of functions.
browserPackage browser provides utilities for interacting with users' browsers.
cachePackage cache implements the caching layer for gopls.
cmdPackage cmd handles the gopls command line.
cmd/testPackage cmdtest contains the test suite for the command line behavior of gopls.
debugPackage debug exports debug information for gopls.
debug/tagPackage tag provides the labels used for telemetry throughout gopls.
diffPackage diff supports a pluggable diff algorithm.
diff/difftestPackage difftest supplies a set of tests that will operate on any implementation of a diff algorithm as exposed by ""
diff/myersPackage myers implements the Myers diff algorithm.
fakePackage fake provides fake implementations of a text editor, LSP client plugin, and Sandbox environment for use in tests.
fuzzyPackage fuzzy implements a fuzzy matching algorithm.
helperInvoke with //go:generate helper/helper -t Server -d protocol/tsserver.go -u lsp -o server_gen.go invoke in internal/lsp
lsprpcPackage lsprpc implements a jsonrpc2.StreamServer that may be used to serve the LSP on a jsonrpc2 channel.
modPackage mod provides core features related to go.mod file handling for use by Go editors and tools.
protocolPackage protocol contains the structs that map directly to the wire format of the "Language Server Protocol".
regtestPackage regtest provides a framework for writing gopls regression tests.
snippetPackage snippet implements the specification for the LSP snippet format.
sourcePackage source provides core features for use by Go editors and tools.
testsPackage tests exports functionality to be used across a variety of gopls tests.

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