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package lsp

import ""


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code_action.go completion.go definition.go diagnostics.go format.go general.go highlight.go hover.go link.go references.go rename.go server.go signature_help.go symbols.go text_synchronization.go util.go workspace.go

func FromProtocolEdits Uses

func FromProtocolEdits(m *protocol.ColumnMapper, edits []protocol.TextEdit) ([]source.TextEdit, error)

func RunServerOnAddress Uses

func RunServerOnAddress(ctx context.Context, cache source.Cache, addr string, h func(ctx context.Context, s *Server)) error

RunServerOnPort starts an LSP server on the given port and does not exit. This function exists for debugging purposes.

func RunServerOnPort Uses

func RunServerOnPort(ctx context.Context, cache source.Cache, port int, h func(ctx context.Context, s *Server)) error

RunServerOnPort starts an LSP server on the given port and does not exit. This function exists for debugging purposes.

func ToProtocolEdits Uses

func ToProtocolEdits(m *protocol.ColumnMapper, edits []source.TextEdit) ([]protocol.TextEdit, error)

type Server Uses

type Server struct {
    Conn *jsonrpc2.Conn
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewClientServer Uses

func NewClientServer(ctx context.Context, cache source.Cache, client protocol.Client) (context.Context, *Server)


func NewServer Uses

func NewServer(ctx context.Context, cache source.Cache, stream jsonrpc2.Stream) (context.Context, *Server)

NewServer starts an LSP server on the supplied stream, and waits until the stream is closed.

func (*Server) CodeAction Uses

func (s *Server) CodeAction(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.CodeActionParams) ([]protocol.CodeAction, error)

func (*Server) CodeLens Uses

func (s *Server) CodeLens(context.Context, *protocol.CodeLensParams) ([]protocol.CodeLens, error)

func (*Server) ColorPresentation Uses

func (s *Server) ColorPresentation(context.Context, *protocol.ColorPresentationParams) ([]protocol.ColorPresentation, error)

func (*Server) Completion Uses

func (s *Server) Completion(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.CompletionParams) (*protocol.CompletionList, error)

func (*Server) Declaration Uses

func (s *Server) Declaration(context.Context, *protocol.TextDocumentPositionParams) ([]protocol.DeclarationLink, error)

func (*Server) Definition Uses

func (s *Server) Definition(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.TextDocumentPositionParams) ([]protocol.Location, error)

func (*Server) Diagnostics Uses

func (s *Server) Diagnostics(ctx context.Context, view source.View, uri span.URI)

func (*Server) DidChange Uses

func (s *Server) DidChange(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DidChangeTextDocumentParams) error

func (*Server) DidChangeConfiguration Uses

func (s *Server) DidChangeConfiguration(context.Context, *protocol.DidChangeConfigurationParams) error

func (*Server) DidChangeWatchedFiles Uses

func (s *Server) DidChangeWatchedFiles(context.Context, *protocol.DidChangeWatchedFilesParams) error

func (*Server) DidChangeWorkspaceFolders Uses

func (s *Server) DidChangeWorkspaceFolders(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DidChangeWorkspaceFoldersParams) error

func (*Server) DidClose Uses

func (s *Server) DidClose(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DidCloseTextDocumentParams) error

func (*Server) DidOpen Uses

func (s *Server) DidOpen(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DidOpenTextDocumentParams) error

func (*Server) DidSave Uses

func (s *Server) DidSave(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DidSaveTextDocumentParams) error

func (*Server) DocumentColor Uses

func (s *Server) DocumentColor(context.Context, *protocol.DocumentColorParams) ([]protocol.ColorInformation, error)

func (*Server) DocumentHighlight Uses

func (s *Server) DocumentHighlight(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.TextDocumentPositionParams) ([]protocol.DocumentHighlight, error)
func (s *Server) DocumentLink(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DocumentLinkParams) ([]protocol.DocumentLink, error)

func (*Server) DocumentSymbol Uses

func (s *Server) DocumentSymbol(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DocumentSymbolParams) ([]protocol.DocumentSymbol, error)

func (*Server) ExecuteCommand Uses

func (s *Server) ExecuteCommand(context.Context, *protocol.ExecuteCommandParams) (interface{}, error)

func (*Server) Exit Uses

func (s *Server) Exit(ctx context.Context) error

func (*Server) FoldingRange Uses

func (s *Server) FoldingRange(context.Context, *protocol.FoldingRangeParams) ([]protocol.FoldingRange, error)

func (*Server) Formatting Uses

func (s *Server) Formatting(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DocumentFormattingParams) ([]protocol.TextEdit, error)

func (*Server) Hover Uses

func (s *Server) Hover(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.TextDocumentPositionParams) (*protocol.Hover, error)

func (*Server) Implementation Uses

func (s *Server) Implementation(context.Context, *protocol.TextDocumentPositionParams) ([]protocol.Location, error)

func (*Server) Initialize Uses

func (s *Server) Initialize(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.InitializeParams) (*protocol.InitializeResult, error)

func (*Server) Initialized Uses

func (s *Server) Initialized(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.InitializedParams) error

func (*Server) LogTraceNotification Uses

func (s *Server) LogTraceNotification(context.Context, *protocol.LogTraceParams) error

func (*Server) OnTypeFormatting Uses

func (s *Server) OnTypeFormatting(context.Context, *protocol.DocumentOnTypeFormattingParams) ([]protocol.TextEdit, error)

func (*Server) PrepareRename Uses

func (s *Server) PrepareRename(context.Context, *protocol.TextDocumentPositionParams) (*protocol.Range, error)

func (*Server) RangeFormatting Uses

func (s *Server) RangeFormatting(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DocumentRangeFormattingParams) ([]protocol.TextEdit, error)

func (*Server) References Uses

func (s *Server) References(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.ReferenceParams) ([]protocol.Location, error)

func (*Server) Rename Uses

func (s *Server) Rename(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.RenameParams) (*protocol.WorkspaceEdit, error)

func (*Server) Resolve Uses

func (s *Server) Resolve(ctx context.Context, item *protocol.CompletionItem) (*protocol.CompletionItem, error)

func (*Server) ResolveCodeLens Uses

func (s *Server) ResolveCodeLens(context.Context, *protocol.CodeLens) (*protocol.CodeLens, error)
func (s *Server) ResolveDocumentLink(context.Context, *protocol.DocumentLink) (*protocol.DocumentLink, error)

func (*Server) Run Uses

func (s *Server) Run(ctx context.Context) error

func (*Server) SelectionRange Uses

func (s *Server) SelectionRange(context.Context, *protocol.SelectionRangeParams) ([]protocol.SelectionRange, error)

func (*Server) SetTraceNotification Uses

func (s *Server) SetTraceNotification(context.Context, *protocol.SetTraceParams) error

func (*Server) Shutdown Uses

func (s *Server) Shutdown(ctx context.Context) error

func (*Server) SignatureHelp Uses

func (s *Server) SignatureHelp(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.TextDocumentPositionParams) (*protocol.SignatureHelp, error)

func (*Server) Symbol Uses

func (s *Server) Symbol(context.Context, *protocol.WorkspaceSymbolParams) ([]protocol.SymbolInformation, error)

func (*Server) TypeDefinition Uses

func (s *Server) TypeDefinition(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.TextDocumentPositionParams) ([]protocol.Location, error)

func (*Server) WillSave Uses

func (s *Server) WillSave(context.Context, *protocol.WillSaveTextDocumentParams) error

func (*Server) WillSaveWaitUntil Uses

func (s *Server) WillSaveWaitUntil(context.Context, *protocol.WillSaveTextDocumentParams) ([]protocol.TextEdit, error)


browserPackage browser provides utilities for interacting with users' browsers.
cmdPackage cmd handles the gopls command line.
diffPackage diff implements the Myers diff algorithm.
fuzzyPackage fuzzy implements a fuzzy matching algorithm.
protocolPackage protocol contains the structs that map directly to the wire format of the "Language Server Protocol".
snippetPackage snippet implements the specification for the LSP snippet format.
sourcePackage source provides core features for use by Go editors and tools.
telemetryPackage telemetry provides the hooks and adapters to allow use of telemetry throughout gopls.
telemetry/metricPackage metric aggregates stats into metrics that can be exported.
telemetry/statsPackage stats provides support for recording telemetry statistics.
telemetry/tagPackage tag provides support for telemetry tagging.
telemetry/tracePackage tag adds support for telemetry tracing.
telemetry/workerPackage worker provides a very simple mechanism to allow telemetry packages to work cooperatively and efficiently.

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