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package mod

import ""

Package mod provides core features related to go.mod file handling for use by Go editors and tools.


Package Files

code_lens.go diagnostics.go format.go hover.go

func Diagnostics Uses

func Diagnostics(ctx context.Context, snapshot source.Snapshot) (map[source.VersionedFileIdentity][]*source.Diagnostic, error)

func ExtractGoCommandError Uses

func ExtractGoCommandError(ctx context.Context, snapshot source.Snapshot, fh source.FileHandle, loadErr error) (*source.Diagnostic, error)

ExtractGoCommandError tries to parse errors that come from the go command and shape them into go.mod diagnostics.

func Format Uses

func Format(ctx context.Context, snapshot source.Snapshot, fh source.FileHandle) ([]protocol.TextEdit, error)

func Hover Uses

func Hover(ctx context.Context, snapshot source.Snapshot, fh source.FileHandle, position protocol.Position) (*protocol.Hover, error)

func LensFuncs Uses

func LensFuncs() map[string]source.LensFunc

LensFuncs returns the supported lensFuncs for go.mod files.

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