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package packagesinternal

import ""

Package packagesinternal exposes internal-only fields from go/packages.


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var GetForTest = func(p interface{}) string { return "" }
var GetModule = func(p interface{}) *Module { return nil }

type Module Uses

type Module struct {
    Path      string       // module path
    Version   string       // module version
    Versions  []string     // available module versions (with -versions)
    Replace   *Module      // replaced by this module
    Time      *time.Time   // time version was created
    Update    *Module      // available update, if any (with -u)
    Main      bool         // is this the main module?
    Indirect  bool         // is this module only an indirect dependency of main module?
    Dir       string       // directory holding files for this module, if any
    GoMod     string       // path to go.mod file used when loading this module, if any
    GoVersion string       // go version used in module
    Error     *ModuleError // error loading module

Fields must match go list;

type ModuleError Uses

type ModuleError struct {
    Err string // the error itself

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