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package modget

import ""

Package modget implements the module-aware “go get” command.


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var CmdGet = &base.Command{

    UsageLine: "go get [-d] [-m] [-u] [-v] [-insecure] [build flags] [packages]",
    Short:     "add dependencies to current module and install them",
    Long:      "" /* 4544 byte string literal not displayed */,
var HelpModuleGet = &base.Command{
    UsageLine: "module-get",
    Short:     "module-aware go get",
    Long: "" /* 275 byte string literal not displayed */+
        CmdGet.UsageLine + `
` + CmdGet.Long,

Note that this help text is a stopgap to make the module-aware get help text available even in non-module settings. It should be deleted when the old get is deleted. It should NOT be considered to set a precedent of having hierarchical help names with dashes.

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