cmd/admingolangorgThe admingolangorg command serves an administrative interface for owners of the golang-org Google Cloud project.
cmd/golangorgGodoc extracts and generates documentation for Go programs.
cmd/googlegolangorgA trivial redirector for
content/staticPackage static exports a map of static file content that supports the godoc user interface.
content/static/internal/genPackage gen is used by content/static/makestatic.go to generate content/static/static.go.
internal/dlPackage dl implements a simple downloads frontend server.
internal/envPackage env provides environment information for the golangorg server running on
internal/historyPackage history stores historical data for the Go project.
internal/markdownPackage markdown provides a wrapper for rendering Markdown.
internal/memcachePackage memcache provides a minimally compatible interface for and stores the data in Redis (e.g., via Cloud Memorystore).
internal/proxyPackage proxy proxies requests to the playground's compile and share handlers.
internal/redirectPackage redirect provides hooks to register HTTP handlers that redirect old godoc paths to their new equivalents and assist in accessing the issue tracker, wiki, code review system, etc.
internal/shortPackage short implements a simple URL shortener, serving shortened urls from /s/key.

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