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package grpc_schema_validator

import ""

`grpc_validator` a generic request contents schema_validator server-side middleware for gRPC.

Request Validator Middleware

Validating input is important, and hard. It also causes a lot of boiler plate. This middleware checks for the existance of a `Validate` method on each of the messages of a gRPC request. This includes the single request of the `Unary` calls, as well as each message of the inbound Stream calls. In case of a validation failure, a `InvalidArgument` gRPC status is returned, alongside with a description of the validation failure.

While it is generic, it was indented to be used with, a Go protocol buffers codegen plugin that creates the `Validate` methods (including nested messages) based on declarative options in the `.proto` files themselves. For example:

syntax = "proto3";
package schema_validator.examples;
import "";

message InnerMessage {
  // some_integer can only be in range (1, 100).
  int32 some_integer = 1 [(schema_validator.field) = {int_gt: 0, int_lt: 100}];
  // some_float can only be in range (0;1).
  double some_float = 2 [(schema_validator.field) = {float_gte: 0, float_lte: 1}];

message OuterMessage {
  // important_string must be a lowercase alpha-numeric of 5 to 30 characters (RE2 syntax).
  string important_string = 1 [(schema_validator.field) = {regex: "^[a-z]{2,5}$"}];
  // proto3 doesn't have `required`, the `msg_exist` enforces presence of InnerMessage.
  InnerMessage inner = 2 [(schema_validator.field) = {msg_exists : true}];

The `OuterMessage.Validate` would include validation of regexes, existance of the InnerMessage and the range values within it. The `grpc_validator` middleware would then automatically use that to check all messages processed by the server.

Please consult for details of `protoc` invoation and other parameters of customization.


Package Files

doc.go validator.go

func StreamServerInterceptor Uses

func StreamServerInterceptor() grpc.StreamServerInterceptor

StreamServerInterceptor returns a new streaming server interceptors that validates incoming messages.

The stage at which invalid messages will be rejected with `InvalidArgument` varies based on the type of the RPC. For `ServerStream` (1:m) requests, it will happen before reaching any userspace handlers. For `ClientStream` (n:1) or `BidiStream` (n:m) RPCs, the messages will be rejected on calls to `stream.Recv()`.

func UnaryServerInterceptor Uses

func UnaryServerInterceptor() grpc.UnaryServerInterceptor

UnaryServerInterceptor returns a new unary server interceptors that validates incoming messages.

Invalid messages will be rejected with `InvalidArgument` before reaching any userspace handlers.

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