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package mailgun

import ""


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const UID = "mailgun"

func Default Uses

func Default() (*client, error)

func Load Uses

func Load(loader envconfig.LoaderFunc) (*client, error)

func New Uses

func New(opt Options) *client

type Options Uses

type Options struct {
    Domain          string   `json:"domain" envconfig:"DOMAIN" required:"true" form:"mailgun_domain"`
    ApiKey          string   `json:"api_key" envconfig:"API_KEY" required:"true" form:"mailgun_api_key"`
    From            string   `json:"from" envconfig:"FROM" required:"true" form:"mailgun_from"`
    To              []string `json:"to" envconfig:"TO" form:"mailgun_to"`
    DisableTracking bool     `json:"disable_tracking" envconfig:"DISABLE_TRACKING" from:"disable_tracking"`

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