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package graphql

import "gonum.org/v1/gonum/graph/encoding/graphql"

Package graphql implements JSON marshaling and unmarshaling of graph as used by GraphQL


Package Files

decode.go doc.go graphql.go

func Unmarshal Uses

func Unmarshal(data []byte, uid string, dst encoding.Builder) error

Unmarshal parses the JSON-encoded data and stores the result in dst. Node IDs are obtained from the JSON fields identified by the uid parameter. UIDs obtained from the JSON encoding must map to unique node ID values consistently across the JSON-encoded spanning tree.

type LabelSetter Uses

type LabelSetter interface {

LabelSetter is a graph edge that can set its label.

type StringIDSetter Uses

type StringIDSetter interface {
    SetIDFromString(uid string) error

StringIDSetter is a graph node that can set its ID based on the given uid string.

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