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package parser

import "gonum.org/v1/gonum/graph/formats/dot/internal/parser"

Package parser provides generated internal parsing functions for DOT parsing.


Package Files

action.go actiontable.go doc.go gototable.go parser.go productionstable.go

type Attrib Uses

type Attrib interface {

type Parser Uses

type Parser struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewParser Uses

func NewParser() *Parser

func (*Parser) Error Uses

func (p *Parser) Error(err error, scanner Scanner) (recovered bool, errorAttrib *parseError.Error)

func (*Parser) Parse Uses

func (p *Parser) Parse(scanner Scanner) (res interface{}, err error)

func (*Parser) Reset Uses

func (p *Parser) Reset()

type ProdTab Uses

type ProdTab [numProductions]ProdTabEntry

TODO: change type and variable names to be consistent with other tables

type ProdTabEntry Uses

type ProdTabEntry struct {
    String     string
    Id         string
    NTType     int
    Index      int
    NumSymbols int
    ReduceFunc func([]Attrib) (Attrib, error)

type Scanner Uses

type Scanner interface {
    Scan() (tok *token.Token)

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