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package testquad

import "gonum.org/v1/gonum/integrate/testquad"

Package testquad provides integrals for testing quadrature algorithms.


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type Integral Uses

type Integral struct {
    Name  string
    A, B  float64               // Integration limits
    F     func(float64) float64 // Integrand
    Value float64

Integral is a definite integral

∫_a^b f(x)dx

with a known value.

func Constant Uses

func Constant(alpha float64) Integral

Constant returns the integral of a constant function

∫_{-1}^2 alpha dx

func ExpOverX2Plus1 Uses

func ExpOverX2Plus1() Integral

ExpOverX2Plus1 returns the integral

∫_0^1 exp(x)/(x*x+1)dx

func Poly Uses

func Poly(degree int) Integral

Poly returns the integral of a polynomial

∫_{-1}^2 x^degree dx

func Sin Uses

func Sin() Integral

Sin returns the integral

∫_0^1 sin(x)dx

func Sqrt Uses

func Sqrt() Integral

Sqrt returns the integral

∫_0^1 sqrt(x)dx

func XExpMinusX Uses

func XExpMinusX() Integral

XExpMinusX returns the integral

∫_0^1 x*exp(-x)dx

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