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package cmplx64

import "gonum.org/v1/gonum/internal/cmplx64"

Package cmplx64 provides complex64 versions of standard library math/cmplx package routines used by gonum/blas.


Package Files

abs.go conj.go doc.go isinf.go isnan.go sqrt.go

func Abs Uses

func Abs(x complex64) float32

Abs returns the absolute value (also called the modulus) of x.

func Conj Uses

func Conj(x complex64) complex64

Conj returns the complex conjugate of x.

func Inf Uses

func Inf() complex64

Inf returns a complex infinity, complex(+Inf, +Inf).

func IsInf Uses

func IsInf(x complex64) bool

IsInf returns true if either real(x) or imag(x) is an infinity.

func IsNaN Uses

func IsNaN(x complex64) bool

IsNaN returns true if either real(x) or imag(x) is NaN and neither is an infinity.

func NaN Uses

func NaN() complex64

NaN returns a complex “not-a-number” value.

func Sqrt Uses

func Sqrt(x complex64) complex64

Sqrt returns the square root of x. The result r is chosen so that real(r) ≥ 0 and imag(r) has the same sign as imag(x).

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