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package compute

import "google.golang.org/api/compute/v0.alpha"

Package compute provides access to the Compute Engine API.

For product documentation, see: https://developers.google.com/compute/docs/reference/latest/

Creating a client

Usage example:

import "google.golang.org/api/compute/v0.alpha"
ctx := context.Background()
computeService, err := compute.NewService(ctx)

In this example, Google Application Default Credentials are used for authentication.

For information on how to create and obtain Application Default Credentials, see https://developers.google.com/identity/protocols/application-default-credentials.

Other authentication options

By default, all available scopes (see "Constants") are used to authenticate. To restrict scopes, use option.WithScopes:

computeService, err := compute.NewService(ctx, option.WithScopes(compute.DevstorageReadWriteScope))

To use an API key for authentication (note: some APIs do not support API keys), use option.WithAPIKey:

computeService, err := compute.NewService(ctx, option.WithAPIKey("AIza..."))

To use an OAuth token (e.g., a user token obtained via a three-legged OAuth flow), use option.WithTokenSource:

config := &oauth2.Config{...}
// ...
token, err := config.Exchange(ctx, ...)
computeService, err := compute.NewService(ctx, option.WithTokenSource(config.TokenSource(ctx, token)))

See https://godoc.org/google.golang.org/api/option/ for details on options.