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package transport

import "google.golang.org/api/googleapi/transport"

Package transport contains HTTP transports used to make authenticated API requests.

This package is DEPRECATED. Users should instead use,

service, err := NewService(..., option.WithAPIKey(...))


Package Files


type APIKey Uses

type APIKey struct {
    // Key is the API Key to set on requests.
    Key string

    // Transport is the underlying HTTP transport.
    // If nil, http.DefaultTransport is used.
    Transport http.RoundTripper

APIKey is an HTTP Transport which wraps an underlying transport and appends an API Key "key" parameter to the URL of outgoing requests.

Deprecated: please use NewService(..., option.WithAPIKey(...)) instead.

func (*APIKey) RoundTrip Uses

func (t *APIKey) RoundTrip(req *http.Request) (*http.Response, error)

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