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package internal

import "google.golang.org/api/internal"

Package internal supports the options and transport packages.


Package Files

conn_pool.go creds.go settings.go

func Creds Uses

func Creds(ctx context.Context, ds *DialSettings) (*google.Credentials, error)

Creds returns credential information obtained from DialSettings, or if none, then it returns default credential information.

func QuotaProjectFromCreds Uses

func QuotaProjectFromCreds(cred *google.Credentials) string

QuotaProjectFromCreds returns the quota project from the JSON blob in the provided credentials.

NOTE(cbro): consider promoting this to a field on google.Credentials.

type ConnPool Uses

type ConnPool interface {
    // Conn returns a ClientConn from the pool.
    // Conns aren't returned to the pool.
    Conn() *grpc.ClientConn

    // Num returns the number of connections in the pool.
    // It will always return the same value.
    Num() int

    // Close closes every ClientConn in the pool.
    // The error returned by Close may be a single error or multiple errors.
    Close() error

    // ConnPool implements grpc.ClientConnInterface to enable it to be used directly with generated proto stubs.

ConnPool is a pool of grpc.ClientConns.

type DialSettings Uses

type DialSettings struct {
    Endpoint          string
    DefaultEndpoint   string
    Scopes            []string
    TokenSource       oauth2.TokenSource
    Credentials       *google.Credentials
    CredentialsFile   string // if set, Token Source is ignored.
    CredentialsJSON   []byte
    UserAgent         string
    APIKey            string
    Audiences         []string
    HTTPClient        *http.Client
    GRPCDialOpts      []grpc.DialOption
    GRPCConn          *grpc.ClientConn
    GRPCConnPool      ConnPool
    GRPCConnPoolSize  int
    NoAuth            bool
    TelemetryDisabled bool
    ClientCertSource  func(*tls.CertificateRequestInfo) (*tls.Certificate, error)
    CustomClaims      map[string]interface{}

    // Google API system parameters. For more information please read:
    // https://cloud.google.com/apis/docs/system-parameters
    QuotaProject  string
    RequestReason string

DialSettings holds information needed to establish a connection with a Google API service.

func (*DialSettings) Validate Uses

func (ds *DialSettings) Validate() error

Validate reports an error if ds is invalid.


gensupportPackage gensupport is an internal implementation detail used by code generated by the google-api-go-generator tool.
third_party/uritemplatesPackage uritemplates is a level 3 implementation of RFC 6570 (URI Template, http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6570).
versionPackage version contains version information for Google Cloud Client Libraries for Go, as reported in request headers.

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